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HOW does homii work?

A quick explanation of our way of working

You Call Us

When it is time to go home: call us to let us know where you are. A Homii will come to your rescue.


Just kick back and relax while your Homii drives you home in your own car.


“This is your Homii speaking. We have reached our destination. The weather outside is fabulous. We hope you enjoyed your ride and hope to see you soon”.

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About Us

You want to know a little bit more about us?
Homii is the new way of going out!

Remember the times you went to a party with your car, had to go home with a taxi after the party and go get your car back the next day ? Or when you had to sleep for a few hours in your car to sober up ? Homii is THE new transportation player in town. From now on, you can go out with your OWN car, enjoy your evening and get home safely. How much does it cost? Between 10 and 25€ depending on the ride in Brussels. Call us on Saturday and Sunday - from 12:00 to 20:00 - on the Homii hotline: 0474 427 429.

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Alan Garcia Gutierrez

Strategic Director
Alan is 29 and has been working in an insurance company since 2011. He created Homii in 2015 to help his fellow Brussels friends to get home safely!
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Sylvain Thirionet

Operational Director
Sylvain is 29 and has been working in the web marketing since 2012. For him, Homii was the perfect opportunity to tackle a true transportation issue in Brussels.


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